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When Your Mom Game has Fizzled Out

When Your Mom Game has Fizzled Out

You’re tired, unmotivated and dragging through the days. Chore lists are mounting, and the kids always seem to want to do stuff, not to mention the lacklustre family meals you’ve been offering, (how many consecutive nights can the fam eat cereal for dinner?). You’re not sure where your productivity went and if motivation will ever return to you. We should openly embrace that female energy has naturally occurring highs and lows. It is the beauty and essence of what it means to be a woman.

1. Recognize that seasons have naturally occurring different energies and paces, and we are energetic beings.

Rather than deny the natural, intuitive slowed down pace of winter, we often double-down on caffeine, carb-laden treats and alcohol to over-ride this impulse. Lean into the peaceful sluggishness of winter by permitting yourself to change your physical activity (type, intensity or frequency), read more, nap more, sip more tea, Netflix more, enjoy stews and soups and savour the season for what it is.

2. Toss shame and guilt out the window and practice self-compassion.

The quickest way to end a stall is to practice gratitude and self-love. You may choose to spend a full day lazing, and that is ok! Energetically, women are not flat! We have days we can lift the house to vacuum under the foundation and days that we’re devoid of energy. Ride the wave of natural energy and optimize high-yield days while thoroughly enjoying less productive days.

3. Identify the source of the need.

Do you need more sleep at night? Nutritious fuel for your body? Vitamin supplements? More activity? Less activity? Days of lethargy are standard and as vital as our peak performance days! Checking in with the source of your feelings is a great idea. In most cases, this requires no action, but if the feeling persists over a long period or you feel your symptoms are more than just being in a rut, make an appointment with your doctor.

Growth happens at rest. Healing occurs in rest. Quietly joyful moments abound leaning into a slower pace when you need it. It is natural and healthy to crave downtime and to experience periods of low motivation. The glorification of a frantic pace, relentless productivity and perpetual busy-ness aren’t how we function optimally — time-outs for the win.

Paula Presswood is a former teacher turned entrepreneur. She can mostly be found blogging, doing yoga, drinking tea, chasing around after her three teenagers and sampling delicious appetizers with her crazy magician husband. She is Co-founder of Presswood Entertainment and The ThoughtFull Board. Follow Paula on instagram

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