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Bumbling Bert's Enchanted Magic Show

Step into a world of laughter and wonder with Bumbling Bert's Enchanted Magic Extravaganza! Prepare for an uproarious experience filled with bumbling-fumbling comedy, mesmerizing magic, and heaps of audience participation. Bumbling Bert will captivate your children with his charming antics, leaving even the youngest ones pointing and shrieking with joy. Watch as giggles and laughter fill the room, fueled by Bert's silly yet spellbinding performance.

40 minutes

Ages 4 and up

Up to 80 kids


Micro-Bubble Foam Party

This program requires access to water and power within 100 feet

We bring everything (but the water) to make an unforgettable foamTASTIC party!

  • human beings of ALL AGES love our micro-bubble parties!!!

  • our micro-bubble host sets up, entertains your kids and packs it all up after!

  • we bring the music your kids want to hear to add to the excitement!

  • this will be the hit of summer and will leave your kids chatting about it for months after!!


Depending how enthusiastically they participate, kids will range from dry, to damp, to soaking wet! It's the perfect summer refreshment and your kids will never forget the experience!

Recommended up to 50 participants. If you have more than 50 kids, we suggest extending the foam party and offering 30 or 45 minute groups.

45 minutes - $450+hst

Add 15 minutes - $70+hst

Ages 3 and up


Bubble Bash Dance Party

Outdoors only

Get ready to dance and bubble under the sun with Bert's Outdoor Bubble Bash Dance Party! Bumbling Bert brings the fun-shine right to your doorstep, complete with the biggest, best, and bubbliest bubbles. Paired with rich, cool sound equipment, your warm summer air will resonate with the best tunes for your kids. Bert knows just the music to keep the party atmosphere fun, Fun, FUN!

Interactive bubble stations add to the excitement, allowing your little ones to create mesmerizing, sparkling bubbles of their own. With Bert leading the way, prepare for a dance party like no other, filled with laughter, music, and endless bubbly joy!


Dino Dance Party

Indoors or Outdoors

Step into a prehistoric paradise with our Dino Dance Party! Our captivating host introduces three adorable hand puppet baby dinos, each bursting with charm and personality. As the children gather 'round, they're greeted by these lovable creatures, ready to embark on an adventure of games, laughter, and, of course, dancing!

To set the stage for an unforgettable experience, we pump up the jams with toe-tapping tunes that kids adore. If the party's under the sun, get ready for an extra dose of excitement as our bubble machine fills the air with shimmering orbs of joy. If indoors, we transform the space into a dazzling disco with mesmerizing glow and party lights.

Perfect for all ages!

45 minutes - $300+hst

Add 15 minutes - $45+hst

Add a 30-minute comedy magic show - $180+hst

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