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Bert's buds, Blossoms & Blooms Comedy Magic Show

Hilarious, bumbling-fumbling comedy, dazzling magic and loads of audience participation! Bumbling Bert will have your children utterly enchanted - even your youngest children will be pointing and shrieking with delight. The room will be filled with bursts of giggles and chortles of laughter as Bert shocks and amazes the entire crowd with his silly, zany whirlwind of jokes and magic.


recommended up to 80 kids

suitable indoors or outdoors

recommended ages 4 and up

40 min ~ $340

Add 20 min glow-in-the-dark or bubble dance party right after the show + $70


Micro-Bubble Foam Party 

This program requires access to an outdoor faucet & a power outlet

Hold onto your hat! Bert has brought an enormous bubble cannon right to you for some outdoor, dance party fun.  Our bubbles are gentle and safe for children, animals and the environment and cause seriously excited shrieks of delight and awe! We bring along the best kid-approved music to make the party even more fun! We hope you'll have your cameras ready to snap some unbelievable pics! Parents will want to see the sheer delight of their kids!  Hear the merriment and utter joy from children of all ages as we create the ultimate 4-foot high foam pit right outside your centre. Watch your children lose themselves in the fun of playing in a world made of bubble foam! 


*This is a water activity, depending on how enthusiastically you participate, you will range from dry, to damp, to soaking wet!

Requirements: As electrical equipment is used for this show, we require clear skies (no rain) on the day of the event.  In the case of inclement weather, we will contact you to reschedule. 

This program requires access to an outdoor faucet & a power outlet

Your incredible FOAMtastic party includes:
- gigantic foam machine
- the best super-fun host that will set up, entertain, and pack it all up at the end
- 50' water hose and 50' extension cord
- the ultimate kid-approved dj music

recommended up to 50 guests at once - if you have more than 50 guests we suggest extending the foam party and running separate 30 or 45 minute groups

recommended ages 2 and up

45 min ~ $450
Add 15 minutes for +$70

Bert's Outdoor Bubble Bash Dance Party

Bumbling Bert brings the fun-shine party right to you! Included are the biggest, best, bubbliest bubbles and the richest, coolest sound equipment to fill the warm summery air with the best songs for your kids. Bumbling Bert knows the music kids want to hear to keep the party fun, Fun, FUN!

Bert’s interactive bubble stations keep your little ones enthralled, giving them a chance to create mesmerizing, sparkling, and impressive bubbles of their own!

Bert's Indoor GLOW-tacular Dance Party

What has Bumbling Bert done now? The classroom is GLOWING! Bumbling Bert has really done it this time. Everything looks glow-in-the-dark... even YOU! He’s got zany lighting and tons of stomping, clapping, twirling fun for all!  This party glows in a big way!  With all the best kid-appropriate music and great movement activities to keep feet of all sizes moving!

Perfect for all ages!


45 min ~ $300
Add 15 minutes for +$45

Add 30 min comedy magic show immediately after the dance party +$150

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