Bumbling Bert will have the whole family utterly enchanted. When Bumbling Bert is at the party, get ready to giggle through your amazement with his silly, zany whirlwind of jokes and magic.

Bumbling Bert - Song
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Hilarious, bumbling-fumbling comedy, dazzling magic
and loads of audience participation!
BUMBLING BERT: The Man Behind the Magic

Do you love the thrill and wonder of magic?  I always have.  I got my start as a socially awkward kid who was enthralled with magic.  I would save every penny to head to the Magic Store and buy great tricks to add to my collection.  I loved performing for family and friends!

As I got older, that wonder and thrill never left me.  You could say I was a magic-obsessed kid who didn't change much... just got bigger.  I still love performing as much today as I did then! I've owned my own entertainment company since 1988 and one thing remains the same: my commitment to bringing smiles and laughter to the faces of family and friends... but now they are YOUR family and friends.

I live in beautiful Burlington, Ontario with my lovely wife Paula and four fantastic children.  They think I have the best job in the world... and do you know what? So do I! 

Seven years ago, to no one's surprise who knew him, my son Scott expressed a passion and interest to follow in my footsteps.  These days, Scott and I book over 600 events a year,  to rave reviews!  It's a dream come true to have a successful family business where we work side-by-side each day bringing smiles and laughter to the faces of children.  Each time we are invited to be a part of someone's celebration,  we feel honoured. Our programs are as silly and hilarious as a clown, but presented in a Magician’s attire. We have more rave reviews than any other entertainers because we’re GREAT at making kids and adults giggle!!!  Invite Bumbling Bert, (Junior or Senior!) to your next party... and you'll never want another party without him!