night out at the movies!

we bring the movies to you...

We do it all, so you can enjoy a relaxing and profitable MOVIE NIGHT!
We offer a number of fun custom options to make your Event a night to remember! Please have a look through our options and we can create a price quote based on that.  You can change your mind at any time about your selections.
We present movie events for dozens of elementary schools, corporate, community run & private events each year and are requested back annually! Movie Nights are a fun way to welcome guests and promote togetherness.  They can be an excellent fundraiser, as well!


screen size preference:    

* 8’  - (classroom, rec centre room, low ceilings)    

* 25’ - (school gym)


pre-show entertainment:

* an animated short 20 min before show time:  $25

* comedy magic show:  25 min before show time for $100



* indoor presentation: $340

outdoor presentation:  add $100  **outdoor events start 15 minutes after sunset **


cosmic store merchandise:

​We provide Cosmic Store items for your event, (glow, flashy light up items such as rings and bracelets).  The school earns 40% of the money raised from the sale of such items and can return any items back to us that are unsold.


other special notes:

If any of your Guests are hearing impaired and would like to plug their assistive devices in to our system, we are happy to accommodate at no charge or add closed captioning. (when available)

booking procedure:

Once we confirm our availability, the non-refundable booking deposit of $100 is payable by Visa, M/C or AmEx securely on our website:  


Movie licensing is handled by a third party company - either Criterion licensing or ACF depending which movie you select.  The price of the license is dependent on whether the movie is a pre-release (out of theatres but not available on DVD yet) or not.  Movies available on DVD are often priced at $150 to license. Pre-release movies are often priced around $200-$400, (however rate would need to be verified by Criterion / ACF). Licensing is arranged directly between ACF/ Criterion and yourself.
In some cases, schools already have board covered movie licensing and do not require an additional license.  A quick call to your School Board, if you’re unsure would verify.