• Paula Presswood

Creating Sensory-Friendly Parties and Performances

Updated: Feb 11

We’ve all heard of Sensory-Friendly Performances. But do you actually know what that means in the practical sense? We do! As parents of a son on the autism spectrum and professionals who entertain at hundreds of fully-inclusive events each year for over 30 years, we’re experts in this realm.

What are Sensory-Friendly Performances? The term means that the event was designed to welcome individuals who are on the autism spectrum, have sensory sensitivities or other disabilities. Essentially, this means creating a supportive, non-judgmental environment, so all guests feel comfortable attending.

For the Parents of the Party Guest with Special Needs:

1. Feel free to request a pre-visit to the party venue (yes, even if it’s a house party) to familiarize your child with what to expect ahead of time. Does your child do better with a “seat buffer” around them, or a seat cushion to define their spot?

2. If a Performer will be entertaining at the party, why not check them out online ahead of time to reduce your child's anxiety around the new experience. It may be helpful to rehearse with your child how they will get to t