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When terrible weather threatens to ruin your special event...

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

It’s your worst nightmare. You’ve planned this event for weeks - maybe even months. Your guests have sent their RSVP, the food has been ordered and the entertainment booked. You watch in horror as the weather forecast goes from bad to worse... What. To. Do.

You can’t escape bad weather, but you can plan for it!

1) Have a “rainy day” plan tucked in your back pocket from the get go.

Assuming it will rain on your party in the park or that the worst snow storm of the year will happen the day of your Christmas party will allow you the luxury of time to create an alternate plan. Cue the alternate event location!  Some venues will hold an indoor space for your event for a fee in case the weather is inclement. Some venues will allow you to hold an alternate date in case the party has to be moved to a different day. If the party is hosted in your backyard, make sure the guest list could be accommodated indoors if needed.

2) Make sure you understand your vendors policies.  

Ask questions early so you’re clear about what they will do in the event of bad weather. You may wish to factor their policies into your decision of who to book for your party. Having a clear understanding of what your event will look like if the weather isn’t pleasant won’t catch you off guard later on. 

3) Make the best of a bad situation.  

Sometimes an alternate day to move the event isn’t an option.  In this case, safety must come first. Sending a message to your guests ahead of time acknowledging that the weather is predicted to be poor, but your event is still a go will take confusion away from your guests.  For guests travelling a longer distance, offering them lodging or the freedom to cancel coming with your blessing are considerate options. The weather outside may be frightful, but being surrounded by friends and loved ones in a cozy celebration indoors can be a very special memory! 

4) Shelter from the storm!  

Outdoor events in the rain can sometimes be salvaged with tarps, tents or covers as long as it’s not too chilly.  A little rain, (minus lightning!) can be quite atmospheric. Give special consideration to keeping electrical sound and lighting equipment dry - the cost of replacing these pricey options is well worth spending a bit extra to keep them dry. 

5) Keep your cool, keep your sense of humour and just go with it!

The weather is out of your hands. Keeping the plan fluid and lighthearted is the way to go. Laugh at the absurdity of the worst storm of the year being on the same day of your special event and then toast your friends and enjoy the best parts of the day. We saw a client once quickly switch the theme of her party to SNOW DAY!  The guests had a ball with the food, entertainment and activities all centred around the pure joy of a wintery day. 

Paula Presswood is a former teacher turned entrepreneur. She can mostly be found blogging, doing yoga, drinking tea, chasing around after her three teenagers and sampling delicious appetizers with her crazy magician husband. She is Co-founder of Presswood Entertainment and The Thoughtfull Board. Follow Paula on instagram

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