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Parents Who Practice Yoga are Different (Pt. 2)

… continuation of Parents Who Practice Yoga are Different

4. Tone is everything.

Enter the yoga practice space: dim light, soothing music and a calm voice reminding us we are exactly enough as we are. As this gentle voice fills the room of adults in the class, often we hear soft snoring and deep sighs from around the room as the hurry and worry of the day melts away. As parents, we set the tone every day in our homes. The atmosphere we create has the power to create a safe space and melt the hurries and worries of their day away. Our voices become a soft blanket for our children.

5. Focus on your own mat.

In most classes, the teacher will remind the group, “don’t worry about what your neighbour is doing, focus on your own mat. They may have practiced for 20 years to reach a certain pose. You don’t know their journey, and it’s not your concern. Focus on your own mat.”. This message is more prudent than ever in the era of social media, where our kids are continually comparing themselves to others and feeling lonely and inadequate.

6. Discomfort is temporary.

A pose may be hard, my body may be shaking from exertion, (I may even be thinking unkind thoughts toward the instructor in an urgent plea to release us from the pose), but the moment it is over, I forget the unease. The discomfort is temporary. It reminds of us our strength, adaptability and otherwise awesomeness as humans. Not everything in life feels great, but that’s ok. It’s temporary, and we can overcome it. Teaching our children the ability to weather the storm, resilience and grit arms them for life no matter what should come their way.

Paula Presswood is a former teacher turned entrepreneur. She can mostly be found blogging, doing yoga, drinking tea, chasing around after her three teenagers and sampling delicious appetizers with her crazy magician husband. She is Co-founder of Presswood Entertainment and The ThoughtFull Board. Follow Paula on instagram

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