• Paula Presswood

Holidays with the Child Who Struggles with Change in Routine

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

This topic hits very close to home. Having a strong-willed child with ADHD and a son on the spectrum who fell apart at changes to his routine made me a bit of an expert at navigating holidays with extra care and planning. Hold onto your stockings, holidays can be a wild ride with the child who HATES changes to their routine. From visiting family and friends to hosting special events, trips to the mall, sleep disruption and sugar-rich foods… everything is slightly different over the holidays and that can be deeply challenging for some kids. Our schedule-bound kids need extra support and empathy when the magic of the season threatens the comfort of their routine. Don’t fear. There are some highly effective things we can do to help minimize the discomfort for them:

1. Preserve some aspects of their schedule: