• Paula Presswood

Fundraising prizes that won’t cost you a penny!

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

We’re always looking for ways to incentivize students to help fundraise for their school, but schools often have tight budgets and not a lot of money to spend on prizes.

Enter the free incentive! Hugely motivating for kids and really ramps up school spirit too!

Some of the best ideas we’ve seen successfully implemented as free prizes in elementary schools are:

* The top fundraiser wins: ‘Principal for a Day’, stands first in line, can chew gum in class, gets a free pass from homework, can eat lunch with the Teacher, or can visit another classroom for lunch

* The top fundraising class wins: allowing music to be played in the classroom, a test is cancelled, extra gym or art time, last period “party” or an in-class movie presentation

* If the school reaches its fundraising goal: a staff member may volunteer to have his/her hair buzzed by students, staff may do a funny dance for the students or perform a song all together, or recess may be extended