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Bumbling Bert - Oct 1 2017
Aug21 2017 2
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Kitchener Library
The kids from my grade 8 grad had a limo bus, which is so 😎! But where are they going_ I think I co
#Presswood #professorjamz #funrisetoys - We ONLY use Gazillion bubbles, they are the best
#presswood #bubbles #bubbledance #londonchildrensmuseum - A fabulous day for a bubble dance!
#presswood #presswoodmagic #librarymagic #magicshow #bumblngbert #countryhillslibrary #kitchenerlibr
Dance at MSB today! #profjamzmsb #professorjamz #danceathon #justinbieber #glowinthedark
#presswoodmagic #bumblngbert #librarymagic #magicshow - Starting in 30 minutes
#professorjamz #danceathon. That's it, last dance-A-thon of the year. 207 schools and over 1.1 milli
#bubbles #presswoodmagic. #bumblingbert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Professor Jamz
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Professor Jamz
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
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Bert 2019.png

Your party deserves the best! Don't waste money on boring entertainment - book Bert and prepare to host the hit of the year!  

We have more rave reviews than any other entertainer because we’re GREAT at making kids and adults giggle!!! We perform over 800 events a year and have earned the best reputation in the business one show at a time!


Our programs are fantastic for a wide variety of ages and your adult guests will have as much fun as the children.  Invite Bumbling Bert to your next party... and you'll never want another party without him!

what thunderous applause sounds like on paper...

We had Bumbling Bert’s magic show come out for our daughters 6th birthday. We decided to go with Bert’s Ultimate package. WOW !! The kids had so much fun !!! Bert was awesome. Worth every penny!!! The entire experience was just fantastic, right from initial email contact , keeping us updated 5 days before the event, to the very end of the show. Very professional and courteous. Thanks Presswood Entertainment for making our event fun and stress free !!
Wes Yanchus - Google
What an incredible experience for kids and parents! We loved seeing Bert perform his magic at ours nephews 4th birthday. His energy is magnetic! Absolutely recommend for kids in this age group.
Jenn Everson - Google
Scott hosted a 45 minute magic show at our house for a Halloween party for approximately 20 kids. Everyone had an absolute blast! Scott was hilarious and kept both kids and adults engaged for the entire duration! Would absolutely recommend to anybody!
Jane M. - Gig Salad
Scott performed at my neighbour’s birthday party and was fantastic. Highly engaging, super funny and hilarious! Highly recommend!
Adam Shaw - Google
Bumbling Burt was funny, engaging, and the kids loved him!
Cathy Oppedisano - Google
We had Bumbling Bert at my son’s birthday and he was a big hit! All the children had so much fun and the adults were even engaged. He kept everyone entertained and made sure children had the chance to participate in his show. The dance party at the end was the children’s favourite. I would highly recommend Bumbling Bert for any children’s party!
Chantal Mojica - Google
An amazing and fun experience for kids of all ages!! We used Bumbling Bert for a 1st birthday party and had rave reviews from every family. Highly recommend!!
Lindsay Ferris - Google
Kids absolutely loved the performance. Thanks for being wonderful as it was described
Goli Golparvar - Google
My son saw Bumbling Bert at a friends birthday and loved him! We hired him for my son and daughter‘s fifth birthday (twins).
He was absolutely fantastic. We would recommend him without reservation. He kept the kids entertained and engaged. He also got my daughter engaged and involved when she is typically somewhat shy with new people. They loved it and still talk about it!
Anna Tokarchuk - Google
We can't say enough about how wonderful the program with "Bumbling Bert" was. Our two day camp groups are still raving a week later and role playing the experience. EVERYONE was totally engaged.
The entire show was non-stop music, fun and laughter. Several campers have commented "Best Camp Day Ever".
Lisa Martin - Gig Salad
We had Bert for our 8 year old daughter's birthday and WOW is the only way I can describe the show. We had a mix of ages at the party.....2 years old all the way to adults and everyone was entertained! The kids have been talking about it all day and practicing all the tricks from their loot bags! Thank you so much for an amazing party Bumbling Bert!
Elena Kaplun - Gig Salad
Amazing entertainment! I had Bumbling Bert come for my 9 year old & 4 year old combined birthday party & was left speechless! The kid’s didn’t want them to leave & have asked for them to come back ever since! We chose the foam party & animal balloons but due to the hot weather, the entertainers suggested balloon animals wouldn’t last (the day of event) & wouldn’t be worth it & then offered to do a magic show at no extra cost. It was a HIT to say the least. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for entertainment for their child’s birthday party! I will forsure be using them moving forward! 
Melanie Newell - Gig Salad
The children, ages 3 to 8 had the best time ever at my 4 year olds first birthday party with friends. I could tell right away that Bert loves what he does and he was so engaging for the kids. The dance music to the foam blaster was well picked and kid friendly! Full of energy! Will have him back.
Rebecca Featherstone - Gig Salad
Amazing for Bday's, so animated and engaging!
Rebecca Hollingsworth - Google
Our children loved Bumbling Bert! Thank you so much for putting on such a fantastic magic show. We cant wait to have you here again in August.
Owen Community Learning Centre - Google
The perfect children's party experience! The kids (ages 4 through 7) were utterly captivated for the full 1.5 hours - magic show, balloon animals, bubbles and dancing. It was such a joy to see the children so happy! Parents had a great time, too. Would recommend to anyone and will definitely book again.
Sara J. - Gig Salad
He is absolutely awesome , 40 kids sitting and have lots of fun. Thank you
Shirin Arabof - Google
Bert is simply the Best! His magical prowess & humour are second to none - enjoyed by KIDS & adults too. His energy is contagious and he made our 6 year old bday party.
Andrea Morris - Google
I would highly recommend Bumbling Bert. Bert did a very entertaining magic show for my 6 year old and his friends at his birthday. We also had Bert have a foam party in our backyard which was a lot of fun. I found Bert easy to book, quite responsive over the phone/email and very easy to deal with on the day of the party. He brings a lot of energy, enthusiasm and professionalism to the show and relates easily to kids. I'd highly recommend him.
Sanj Selvarajah - Google
We hired Bumbling Bert for our kids 6th birthday. He was FABULOUS! His material was just right for this age and he kept them (and the adults) spellbound the entire time. My kids felt really special to be able to "assist" on a few of the tricks. He arrived on time, didn't complain at all about the heat (it was an outside party and a very hot day). We feel so lucky to have him as a part of the this birthday, especially as it's the first we've been able to do in many years.
Jessica Todd Long - Google
We enjoyed Bumbling Bert Jr's magic and dance party at our daughter's birthday party. The audience enjoyed the events (Ages: 2 to 80). Bumbling Bert Jr has a great sense of humour and involves everyone in the events. The kids loved the glow-in-the-dark glasses and magic wands.
Highly Recommended !!
Yusuf Kaydawala - Google
Had Bert come for my daughters 8th birthday so much fun for the kids and adults alike. Great show and funny jokes. would hire again for sure
Chantel Valente - Google
Bumbling Bert was amazing! The kids were enthralled. His impressive tricks and his comedy entertained our group of 6-9 year old for a birthday. It was the absolute highlight we were hoping it would be.
Meg Jefferson - Google
Bumbling Bert was amazing. He is a great entertainer. The kids at our party loved the whole thing and were laughing the whole time. I was very impressed!
Joe Geng - Google
This was such a great show. He got the kids super excited and involved. Great energy and tons of fun even for the adults. In fact we were laughing more than the kids many times throughout the show. If you're thinking about booking one of these shows you won't be dissapontrd with bumbling Bert. Highly recommend.
Sir Ibby - Google
The parents were so happy and the kids were so into it. Will def book again
Ashley S. - Gig Salad
I had Bumbling Bert for my son’s 7th birthday party. Everyone had a blast even including the adults. The animal halons were amazing and the magician was absolutely hilarious and all the kids loved him. I also had the dance party with lighting and the kids had so much fun dancing and getting their groove on! It was an amazing show as always. This was the 5th time I have had Bumbling Bert at my kids birthday parties be sure every year they request him again and again. If your looking for a wonderful event to have at your kids party this is the way to go!!!!
Lara Leal - Google
Bumbling Bert was incredible! He had the kids completely captivated the entire time. I can’t recommend him enough!
Noula Papayiannis - Google
We had bumbling bert entertained at my niece's birthday 5 years ago and she loved it. Recently felt safe enough with covid and held a small backyard outdoor birthday party for my 4 years old. This was a younger bumbling bert. He was fantastic as well. The kids and parents all loved the show. It is also great that bumbling bert was fully vaccinated. My daughter woke up this morning and said the magician was soooo funny. He also twisted balloons for the kids. Very well priced. Highly recommend Bumbing Bert. For sure would recommend adding the balloons.
Kim Tran
My daughter and her friends loved Scott's hilarious magic show for her birthday party! (And so did the grown-ups!) I highly recommend this as entertainment for 7 year olds!
Allison Riva
We had Bumbling Bert for our son's th birthday party and he was absolutely wonderful. He was engaging, so much fun and his show was perfectly suited for my son's age group. The kid's and parents were all impressed with his magic tricks and he had everyone laughing throughout the show. I would highly recommend Bert!
Ashley Smith
Scott made an amazing show on my son’s birthday party. His energy and magic tricks made all kids very happy. Strongly recommend Bumbling Bert as they know how to make a great performance for kids and create unforgettable moments!!
Igor Ivanov
Amazing show and magician! It was the best of the birthday party: 4-5 years old kids giggling and mesmerized and the parents happy and entertained also. We had a great time! Thanks Bert!
Adina Radulescu
My kids loved the show, they could not stop laughing.
Peter Kuretzky
I would recommend Bumbling Bert for kids and even adult entertainment. He was beyond my expectations. He was very friendly and hilarious. The kids and adults had an awesome time as well. He was very punctual, interacted well with everyone, even when my son was asking questions over and over he was very friendly, patient and answered all questions. Overall had an amazing experience and definitely would love to have him again.
Loved it!!!!!!! Everyone had a great time! Even the grumpy teenager!!!
We had Bumbling Bert perform at our 9 year old son's birthday party. Bert answered all our questions ahead of time, was flexible with dates and when he arrived, he dived right in. He fully engaged with the children in a wonderful manner-they were equally amazed, excited and just so happy to watch him. We felt he went above and beyond, showing them how the tricks in their party bags worked and being so interactive with them. The parents found him as great as the children did - I honestly can't recommend him highly enough. Thank you Bert!
Catherine Screen
It was best show ever and ever!! so much fun!!
Mi Kyeong Kim
Bumbling Bert did not disappoint! The children were entertained and laughed non stop. Would definitely recommend Bert again :)
Trisha Kennedy
Our end of school year party was made "perfect" because of Bumbling Bert's performance... he had the children's rapt attention and was entertaining to both kids and adults... we all laughed throughout Bert's performance and were left wondering "How did he do that!!!"... we highly recommend Robert Presswood (Bert) for your event!
Pat Roszell
Charming and Engaging - Bert was absolutely amazing ... he is SO talented and personable. He was able to engage even the youngest child in the clan... being only 10 months old. Age range of grandchildren were from
10months to 8 years ... 6 of them. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it was possible. The grands kids aged 4-8 really had a blast! Those dance moves by Burt were “cool” as the kids told us later.
Thank you Burt for really giving our Christmas Party a new and special memory!

Nana B & Grandpa Ray

Birthday girl was thrilled. Kids were amazed!! Bumbling Bert made our girl's party. Superiorly professional interaction before the party, very responsive. On the day of the party, Scott was on time. The kids were immediately captivated and remained captivated for the duration of the show. The entire room, from the four-year-olds, through their older siblings, and the adults, were laughing and enjoying every minute. Our girl kept talking about her magical experience for days. As the parents organizing the party, we appreciated working with such reliable professionals. Highly recommended. Before the party ended, we were asked by other parents for Bumbling Bert's contact details.

Dan D

Wonderful Christmas Party Magic show...the children ranged in ages from 3 yrs to 9 years and everyone had a fabulous time - smiles of pure joy and the laughing and dancing about!

Daniele Spethmann - Orix GeoScience


Bumbling Bert performed at our Intergenerational Christmas Party and was amazing! He really knows how to entertain both children and adults! He captures a crowd with his quick wit, humour and talent! One of the best entertainers we've had at our Centre in a long time! Thank you Bumbling Bert!

Shari F - December 4th


Thanks for another great year at Northstar’s Costume Ball. You are wonderful to work with and we truly appreciate your patience!

Savia - Northstar - October 26th


For any age, Bumbling Bert will entertain your entire family and friends. He engages everyone with an amazing magical show and then a fun, DJ dance party. Everyone enjoyed it immensely! Thank you!

Paula P - October 26th

Our DJ was amazing, was very polite, interacted well with our kids, play appropriate music for each crowd ! The kids had a blast!!

Laurie Hawkins School, Ingersoll - October 23rd 

We had a wonderful event. We raised more than double from our previous years!!!

Our Lady of Lourdes, Elmvale - October 22nd 

Very funny. Kids loved it.

Neesha Sandhar - October 19th


It was well organized and the students really enjoyed themselves.

Parnall School - October 17th 

We booking Bumbling Burt for a corporate event and Scott exceeded our expectations. We had an audience of about 150 people varying in age from babies to adults and the feedback from staff was extremely positive. Scott was phenomenal; he captured the attention of both the kids and adults and kept the audience engaged and very entertained throughout the whole show. It can be tricky finding a performer who can connect with such a diverse crowd but Scott clearly has a talent for what he does and he exceeded all expectations.

Laura Dantsis


I cannot say how absolutely impressed I (and everyone) was with @presswoodentertainment.
Presswood entertained a FoamParty in our backyard for my son's 12th birthday celebration and boy was it a P A R T AAAAAAAAA Y.
Emily (of Presswood) single-handedly, managed the whole show. Her music Playlist provided the perfect backdrop to the surreal foam cloud that filled our entire backyard while the kids laughed and howled endlessly while playing in it - PURE JOY!
Thank you too of course to Mr. Presswood - aka Robert for arranging this so efficiently and professionally. Robert made the organization, booking, and payment a dream.
It goes without saying, I would HIGHLY recommend @Presswoodentertainment for parties of all ages.
Thank you again. I feel so lucky to have had such an amazing experience for my son's Birthday!
This one will be talked about for weeks and will be remembered FOREVER.

Carly B

Bert was a hit! He had every child laughing and all of the parents, too! We highly recommend.

Henry Baird


We have booked Bumbling Bert twice now, for both of my sons' first birthdays. We have been lucky enough to have first Bert himself, and more recently, Professor Jamz. Both times the experience was FANTASTIC! The kids were so engaged, even crying because they did not want it to end. The parents were also having a blast. By far one of the best children's entertainers. The energy, creativity, mix of mediums, and professionalism is first class. Everyone, including the venue staff, asked me who the amazing entertainer was. I highly suggest booking the 90 minute all inclusive show. We had kids from age 1 to 12 enthralled. Made the party. Worth every penny. Thanks again Presswood Entertainment. Keep it up.

Sonal Gandhi


We want to thank you again for appearing at Kendall’s and Kameron’s birthday party on Sunday. Everyone has been raving about your performance, both the adults and children had amazing time. Great great entertainment – it really made the party, highly recommended. we hope to see you next year, everyone kept asking where we found you. Many thanks once again. Brilliant!

Charlene N

My son and all his friends had a blast at the birthday party.

Grace Tang

I just wanted to email to say THANK YOU for an awesome night!!!  All went off without a hitch! Thank you for taking care of everything for us :).  Until next year...


Rubi Pourawal, Mountain Ash Public School

So amazing! Made my daughter’s 5th Birthday! Made her feel so special. His material is age appropriate and he even adds in some humor for the adults! Best thing you could do for your kids birthday party! Definitely recommend!
Chantelle Welsh

I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to you and your company for doing such a great job at our Spring Fling event, The kids had a blast! The bubble machine was quit popular and everyone enjoyed the music and dance competition. Please pass on our gratitude to Bumbling Beatrice for her excellent service.  We had many compliments on our Spring Fling and how much fun everyone had. We could not have been so successful without the entertainment that was provided for us. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

St Gabriel Catholic Elementary School

Second time using Bert and it was just as awesome as the first. We had over 40 six and seven year olds and Bert had them engages for the full 90 minutes he was there.

Nick Ikonomakis

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