​Bert's Comedy Magic Show

Hilarious, bumbling-fumbling comedy, dazzling magic and loads of audience participation! Bumbling Bert will have your children utterly enchanted - even your youngest children will be pointing and shrieking with delight. The room will be filled with bursts of giggles and chortles of laughter as Bert shocks and amazes the entire crowd with his silly, zany whirlwind of jokes and magic.


recommended up to 120 kids

ages 2-12 years


45 Minutes: $280

Add a 30 minute dance party - $60.00 (glow or bubbles)

music & dance

Outdoors - Bert's Boogying, Bee-Boppin' Bubble-palooza

Bumbling Bert brings the fun-shine party right to you! Included are the biggest, best, bubbliest bubbles and the richest, coolest sound equipment to fill the warm summery air with the best songs for your kids. Bumbling Bert knows the music kids want to hear and the best movement activities and games to keep the party fun, Fun, FUN! 


Indoors - Bert's Glow-tacular Dance Party

What has Bumbling Bert done now? The classroom is GLOWING! Bumbling Bert has really done it this time. Everything looks glow-in-the-dark... even YOU! He’s got zany lighting and tons of stomping, clapping, twirling fun for all!  This party glows in a big way!  With all the best kid-appropriate music and great movement activities to keep feet of all sizes moving!


45 Minutes: $225
60 Minutes: $250
90 Minutes: $300 



Bert's Sneaky-Peaky Magic Workshop

Fun-ducational, edu-fun and zany-taining... Professor Bumbling Bert is the teacher and the lesson is on fun as your kids learn fantastic magic tricks to share with family and friends. Your kids will be amazed at their ability to present and keep awe-inspiring tricks.  Spring is the magical season of surprises and transformation!  Foster the excitement of the season by transforming your kids into budding Magicians!  They will love our workshop - full of humour, paced to hold attention and "just right" difficulty and best of all - they keep the tricks they learn.  Give the gift of learning magic this season!

75 minute magic workshop:
recommended ages 5-12 years


$295 (up to 30 kids)

Berts Magic Poster